Exploring Walter Oltmann’s Inspired Artworks

As one of South Africa’s foremost and intriguing artists, Walter Oltmann is most widely known for his outstanding wire sculptures. His weaving employs brass wire, aluminium, copper and other threaded material such as rope. He is also recognised for his drawings and prints.

Acknowledging the artistic influence of Oltmann’s background and traditions.

Walter Oltmann’s Weave of Cultures

“I hope that I can articulate tensions or ambivalences between private and public, past and present, in these objects. The medium and the image spark off something. It's a fusion of the two." Artist, Walter Oltmann has a way of taking two ideas and fusing their meanings together in order to question the mind and evoke an interesting path of thought.

A year of self-exploration, storytelling and a little chemistry

Albert Einstein said: “True art is characterised by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” This year at Standard Bank Group we've most certainly seen how creativity has extended far beyond the imagination. Visually stimulating, the variety of sponsored events and hosted exhibitions has brought to the fore an incredible amount of talent on our soil. The year has been a feast for the senses.


Ndwandwe’s woven intricacies

As with all things created on the basis of cultural roots, basket weaving traditions have continued through generations. Weaving is an age old craft and has been defined over and over again by the hands that create them. Different techniques showcase the artistic flair of traditional weavers. Zululand is a truly special place for weavers, past and present.

Honouring an African tradition

Into the bush with Roy Reynolds

A part of Africa’s heritage, wildlife and pristine wilderness areas are a treasure we as a nation are privileged to have. If you’ve ever ventured into such wilderness sanctuaries, you’ll know how very special it is to view an African leopard in its natural habitat.

Helen Fisher presents The Evolution of Love at the 9th Standard Bank/PAST keynote lecture

It turns out rock band Boston were right when they sang 'More than a Feeling' back in 1976. Years of research have taught Biological Anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher that love is more than an emotion; it’s a drive. The author of books like 'Anatomy of Love', 'Why we Love' and 'Why Him? Why Her?' and 'How to Find and Keep Lasting Love', Fisher presented the 9th Standard Bank/PAST keynote lecture – The Evolution of Love and Who We Choose on 22 October 2013.

Meet the 2014 Standard Bank Young Artist Award winners

Every year Standard Bank recognises artistic excellence with the Standard Bank Young Artist Awards. Breakthrough artists in different genres are honoured and given a spot on the National Arts Festival programme as well as an opportunity to showcase their work internationally.

First launched by the Grahamstown Arts Festival in 1981, the prestigious awards have catapulted the careers of many well-known South African artists, performers and musicians.

Kim Berman’s Veld Fire series burns bright at The Standard Bank Gallery

While South Africa was embroiled in a struggle for freedom in the eighties, Johannesburg-born artist Kim Berman was a Masters student working as a print assistant in a Boston studio called Artist Proof. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, he called for all South Africans to help build a democracy. Berman took his plea seriously and returned home, founding the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg with fellow artist Nhlanhla Xaba. The studio currently provides up to 60 scholarships a year to students wanting to learn the art of printmaking.

Hanging by a moment with Justin Fiske’s kinetic sculptures

The best story tellers draw on rich life experiences and weave them into something that transports beholders from the humdrum to the spellbinding. Cape Town artist Justin Fiske has this down to a fine art with his mesmerising kinetic sculptures.

Exploring Africa with Marco Cianfanelli’s “Seed” sculpture

Receiving a five-star green rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa, Standard Bank’s impressive new building on 30 Baker Street in Rosebank is not just a place of business, it’s a sustainable structure that begs to be filled with art and life. Suspended from steel cables in the foyer, Johannesburg artist Marco Cianfanelli’s sculptural installation “Seed” does just that.

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