October 2011

Get funeral cover the Standard Bank way

Mrs P’s husband, a health fanatic, liked to walk to work, he only lived only a few minutes from his office. One day, while on his way to work, he was knocked over and killed by a speeding motorist, who subsequently fled the scene.

His wife was devastated at the news of her husband’s passing, like most traumatic ordeals, a number of concerns came to mind. One such thought was how she was going to give her husband the dignified funeral, he deserved.

We've got a lot more green

Newsweek has published its Green Rankings, in which it looks at the environmental status of “the biggest companies in developed and emerging world markets”.

Standard Bank Group was placed 45th in the list of 500 global companies and was the highest placed South African-based company.

Of the financial companies on the list, we are 13th.

See http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/features/green-rankings/2011/inter... for details of the Newsweek research.

Stay updated with MyUpdates from Standard Bank

It’s month end and you’ve just been paid. Things are manic at work and you haven’t had a chance to see which bills are being debited and which money is coming in. Three days later, you visit the bank for a statement only to realise a retailer you shopped at last week has deducted the amount off your account twice.

Playing a leading role in the arts

Standard Bank Group has always loved the arts and have, for more than 100 years, supported various forms of art. So we were delighted last night, when we were awarded the Leadership in Arts Award at the CNBC All Africa Business Leader Awards.

The Leadership in the Arts Award is presented to acompany, organisation or individual that has consistently supported the growth of the arts as a valuable contribution to Africa’s identity and artistic culture

Offline banking safety what to look out for

Standard Bank Group is very serious about banking safety. Whether its online, telephonic, cellphone and offline banking we are committed to making sure that you do all of it safely.

When it comes to being safe when banking offline, we can’t emphasise the importance of not accepting any help from strangers while using an ATM.

If there is anything you aren’t sure about, rather visit a branch to find out if there is a problem with your card or the ATM. Look out for Standard Bank staff members who will have an appropriate uniform and a badge that will help you identify them.

Credit card habits changing

While South Africans are still using credit cards, they have changed their attitude towards them.

The main difference is that they are swiping their cards for lower amounts than they used to and making sure that they keep their balances low.

Latest figures from Standard Bank Group shows Standard Bank South Africa credit cards are being used to pay mostly for groceries. Entertainment and other lifestyle purchases are still in the top five things that go onto their plastic.

Cultural exchange the Standard Bank way

Standard Bank Group draws from our heritage, which represents our humble beginnings from a small tent - our first office in Port Elizabeth - to the many branches we have across South Africa, across the African continent and globally.

As we celebrate 149 years of banking in South Africa we are proud to showcase the various cultural collaborations we’ve initiated over the years. One of our proudest annual events is the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival, which brings together international and local jazz artists, jazz lovers and music gurus from around the globe.

Standard Bank loves art

As we celebrate 149 years in banking we are reminded of our heritage and our involvement in heritage and art projects here in South Africa. We are happy to be pioneers of lots of great projects, which include a project that demonstrates our love for culture and arts.

This project is done through a nationwide search for the cream of the crop in terms of artists from different areas through our Standard Bank Young artist awards. Every year we choose the best from a variety of different disciplines, including drama, music, jazz, visual arts and dance.

Heading towards 150 years in banking

Yes, today marks our 149th year…that's nearly a century and a half! Through this time, Standard Bank Group has remained an influential and stable force in the African economy.

We are the oldest name in banking in South Africa and recognised as the 76th most valuable banking brand in the world.

It is very fitting that Standard Bank Group’s anniversary follows on from heritage month as it is also an opportune time for us to reflect on how our journey over the past century and half has mirrored that of our country, our continent and the world at large.

Spotting the fraud online

Every now and again you open your inbox and find an email asking you to upgrade your banking details or telling you’ve won money in a competition you’ve never entered.

Now we all know that these emails aren’t from the banks: they’re from scammers posing as banks and trying to steal your money. This is better known as phishing.

In light of this trend we want to make sure all our customers remember the risks they face when it comes to fraud. At Standard Bank Group we want to help you more easily spot the emails from scammers.

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