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You’ve got the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone and you’re already on the list for the next-gen smart tablet on the market; you’re 100% connected, you’re online all the time and the face of a generation that can’t imagine a world without social networking.

But you’ve just woken up to an apartment in disarray and not a single one of your gadgets is where you left it. There is that sinking feeling that you’ve been robbed.

Insurance a hassle?
A visit to your local police station to report the theft of your prized possessions, you realise you’ve got to fork out thousands to replace your tech. And when the sympathetic officer behind the counter asks, “Weren’t you insured?” you reply, “Yes, but I haven’t reviewed my insurance cover and haven’t added the stolen items. It was such a hassle and I thought it would never happen to me.”

You live your life online so it makes sense that you’d expect to find the tools to do so; which is why Standard Bank is the first South African bank to offer an online insurance quotes comparison and buying system.

Standard Bank Online Insurance
Forget brokers and middlemen; visit, enter your details and the insurance you need, and sit back while we do the rest. Whether it’s household, motor, homeowners’ or even caravan insurance, we’ve got it covered, with up to seven affordable quotes.

Of course, you can get the best premiums and advice by checking out how our helpful insurance tips:

Mike Miller's picture

Lax response

SBIB receives my motor vehicle insurance claim every month, but I have to make the running with the underwriters, SANTAM, when I try to claim for a vehicle stolen in November 2012 (as in TEN weeks ago). The vehicle has been recovered, and is sitting in Worcester, Western Cape, at the police station, but STILL I go round and round trying to get answers about the progress of the claim. After all this time and effort, I STILL have nothing in writing from SBIB (or even SANTAM) to say whether the claim will or won't be paid.
I get the impression global warming will be over and done with before someone gets it into their heads that they should actually DO something. And the other blogs on this page make disturbing reading!!!!

sindisiwe mkhize's picture

Hospital cash claim not paid

I would to know why I was not paid for both my policies because I had two policy numbers in my claim form.

Beth Kingma's picture

Lack of service: appalling claims call centre

The glass on my shower door shattered. 7/8 phone calls to your claims call centre I still haven't got through. Would somebody contact me please. I have been insured with you for over 20 years but have never experienced the the level of bad service I received today. Failing this, I will be forced to move my insurance etc to a more people friendly bank.

Beth Kingma

Standard Bank Team's picture

Re: Geyser - Claim

Hi Cobus,

It is best to call our insurance team so we can get hold of the contractor. I unfortunately don't have access to this info.


Cobus 's picture

Geyser- claim

My geyser was replaced the same day that I reported it and was satisfied, but the water has a fume smell and taste. I reported it and a different plumber came to see what is wrong, on Friday. He said he has never came across something like this and would discuss it with his colleagues and get back to me in a weeks time. For another week I have to live with undrinkable water? Could you please send the first guy that installed the geyser to fix the problem.

R.SITARAM's picture


I am totally disgusted with your service. My house was damaged on 06/01/12. Ever since I have been trying to lodge a claim either telephonically or by e-mail, but to date I haven't had any joy. Can you please try and respond to this e-mail at least.

Standard Bank Team's picture

Re: House Damage Claim

Hi Cliff,

Did you manage to get this sorted? Please let me know so I can assist.

Cliff Donaldson's picture

House damage claim

I phoned the Std bank 080 number to lodge a claim and all I say is that the service response is shocking....I sat on the phone waiting to be served in excess of 20 minutes and all I got was messages saying you would be served within 5 minutes, then messages saying I would be assisted by the first available operator, then I had to listen to music that was not pleasing to the ears and still I waited...and waited...and waited...

Your bank does not even have a facility where one can leave a message for a consultant to call you back and we have to pay for the's disgusting.

10 minutes before I phoned Standard bank I had to phone another company with another 5 minutes I was politely attended to, received my reference / claim number and it was hour later I sit here and contemplate where to next...another time consuming expensive call to Standard bank or to hell with it....get a builder in and fix the fence and fight with Standard bank later.

Cliff Donaldson

Mariet Smit's picture

Claim 12/077025

Your service stinks. Your Call Centre is hopeless. The minute you ask questions, they put you on hold and never came back to you.

Over and above the fact that you have to hold for ±15 minutes.

I reported my claim 1 month ago - you blame the builder and yet the builder is waiting for your authorization.

The Call Centre confirmed that they gave the auth number to the builder on 27 Nov 2012.

The builder never received the authorization.

What the hell is going on?????

L A PADAYACHEE's picture

Rip-off By Standard Bank

You have just got to be the worst bank in SA. Your all-round service stinks!!! There is no feedback what-so-ever. I experienced the identical problem as experienced by Mariet Smit. Standard Bank have been collecting the insurance premiums and ripping off their clients. (R120 000 Paid over the last 20 Years -no claim has been been accomodated to date) No legitmate reasons have been given - They send in a surveyor and fail to give us his report! why?


Claim hail damage

Claim registered day after the hail storm in Germiston it is now a month down the line and I have got my own contractors as your are all fully booked and NOTHING!!!!!

Standard Bank said to get my own contractors, now you have to send out your assessor to check, I don't have a problem with that as I have nothing to hide, but 2 weeks after visiting my house he still has not handed in his report, my contractors are waiting for the go ahead, both them and I would like the work done before the building trade closes for the year,

The amount of money I have spent to phone calls that are 45min or more before you even get to speak to people is not acceptable, the emails that are ignored, and this comment is in vain too

NOT a happy customer!

Riaan Nonney's picture

Reg. poor services

I'm really disappointed in Standard Bank, I've been put on hold, shifting from one department to the next with no avail, I really can't understand the manner in which u guys handle queries? I took a special leave day from work to cancel a policy that came with my new home policy that I thought was cancelled, just to find its still there? You see I'm not rich therefore can't afford to lose money cause that's what's happening here, WHY CAN'T I COUNT ON YOU GUYS TO DO A SIMPLE THING? NO MAN IF THIS IS PERSISTING TO HAPPEN THAN I WILL HAVE NO CHOIcE THAN TO LEAVE.

Mr.G.Pillay's picture

Hospital cash Plan

I have submitted my claims about 2 weeks ago via email. I tried calling the call centre this afternoon and I was kept waiting for about 15 minutes and I had to hang up because I was calling from work. I came home and tried calling from my landline and was made to wait for another 15 minutes until I was told by your machine that they close at 17.00. I am very annoyed with this kind of service. When you want us to take out these policies, you will call us numerous times, but when it comes to paying out you give us the run around. This is the most disgusting service I ever had.You take us customers for granted, but sorry to say many of you will be out of a job if it is not for us your customers. Think about it very carefully and this applies to Directors and Managers also.

Standard Bank Team's picture

Re: Claims Problems

Hi there,

Please send me your contact number and we'll be in touch.

dolwane's picture

Claim Problems

I have a hospital cash back plan with Standard Bank and I sent my claim on 12 September 2012 it's been a month now and still waiting for the reply, and due to the fact that I wasn't getting any reply from them i decided to contact them and the call centre staff they have sent me from one person to the next and no one really gives you what you want and it's really annoying to be put on hold for 20 minutes every time you give them a call. I'm fed up with the service now.


Car insurance

I would like to get a quote for vehicle insurance. TOYOTA AURIS 1.6 RT , 2008 MODEL.

My contact number 0722661999

Zainab's picture

Retrenchment claim

I have had retrenchment insurance. Waited for 2 months with no reply from branch. The call centre staff cannot refer your call to their supervisors. Calls call centre and waits forever. Standard bank's service is putrid.


Anonymous's picture

Poor service from standard bank

Why do we have to wait long? Staying on hold for a long time is costing us money. How can a person stay 30 minutes listening to music and no reply from a consultant? This is unfair. Your service is very poor.

Patricia Hills's picture

Cell phone Insurance

Blackberry Curve 9300/9330 smart phone insurance needed.

Y. Naidoo's picture

Query regarding claim no 12/ 012783

On 20 Feb 2012, I contacted Standard Bank insurances regarding a claim. Very promptly I was sent a sms with my claim number and a code for completion. A plumber contacted me on the same day and requested directions to my home. The plumber then accessed the damage. Today 27 Feb I contacted the plumber he informed me that he is still waiting for authorization from you. I phoned your company at 9 today ie 27 Feb it took me 20 min to speak to Elisha she assured me that she would get the manager to call me asap. At 1pm it took me 25 min to get back to Elisha she asked me to hold on while she transfer me to the manager. I waited for approx 15 min and the call was disconnected. At 3,45 today I tried again waited again for 25 min spoke to Rosyln she was kind and whilst on the phone she kindly emailed Kia an Goolam. The toilet pan is leaking it is unhygienic to my family and I. I must inform you that I am not happy in the way I'm treated by your company. I intend on writing to the board of directors informing them about the poor service delivery.

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