ATM Banking – your new personal consultant

ATMs do more than just spit out money on demand. You no longer need to queue in a branch to make deposits, make transfers and retrieve statements. You can now also enjoy having access to funds as soon as they have been deposited.

Did you know that we have three different types of ATMs that simplify your banking experience? Here they are:

1. AutoCash
a. In a rush? This ATM allows you to do the quick banking functions in a dash.
i. Withdraw money
ii. Pay beneficiaries
iii. Transfer funds

2. AutoBank
a. This is your instant full cash solution.
i. You and your beneficiaries can now enjoy immediate access to deposited funds. All you need to do is enter the account number. There is no need to go into a branch or use an ATM card.

3. AutoPlus
a. This is our signature ATM. It’s like having access to your own personal consultant.
i. Need a Savings or Investment account? You can open one with our machines.
ii. Apply for an Overdraft. It’s just a click away
iii. Print and have access to all your bank statements up to 6 months.

We have over 7 900 ATMs that are easy to use and can be found all over South Africa. If you’re looking for our nearest facilities, use our branch locator for your convenience

ATM safety tips
We want to keep our customers and their money safe when using our ATM machines and here’s how:
• Only use ATMs in well-lit, high-traffic areas. Stay alert.
• Have your ATM card for your transaction ready and in your hands. Opening your wallet or purse can be time consuming and can leave you vulnerable.
• Never tell anyone your personal identification number (PIN) and be sure to shield the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN.
• Memorise your PIN and never write it down.
• Make sure the card you get back from the ATM after your transaction is yours.
• Don't count or expose your money after your transaction. As soon as you receive your money and bank receipt, put them away and leave the ATM area.
• Contact us immediately on 0800 020 600 if you lose your card or it is stolen.

If the ATM is behaving a little strangely. Here is what you need to do: call 0861 112 510 with the ATM ID or location or sms 37921 with the same information.

Standard Bank Team's picture

Re: I lost my bank card

Hi there,

Unfortunately not. Please visit your nearest branch or call 0860 123 000.

Savv's picture

I lost my bank card

I lost my bank card and need cash desperately. Is there a way to apply for cellphone banking without my card number?

Standard Bank Team's picture

Re:Account info

Hi there,

Please call 0860 123 000 to get all the info you need.

Anonymous's picture

Account info

Hi, I lost my card and I'm currently in a position where I need my cash. I'm wondering if there's a way to get all my account info via the internet with my ID number

adele hofmeyer's picture

ATM banking

I love the options of atm banking, been using it for my business and gets my deposits done fast!

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Re: Monthly limits on cash withdrawals

Hi there,

We put a monthly limit on all accounts as a security precaution. Please visit your nearest branch so we can increase this limit.

Anonymous's picture

Monthly limits on cash withdrawls

ATM is convenient until you go to withdraw cash and the machine tells me that I can not withdraw anymore money for the month. I didn't put that limit on my account so where is this coming from and how can I get this unwanted limit off my account or at least change the limit because your website provides no such disappointed and frustrated with this bank.

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