For the love of art

Nearly 100 years ago Standard Bank Group acquired its first painting. This was the start of a love affair with the arts that continues to this day.

One of the many things we did to strengthen this relationship was to introduce the Standard Bank Young Artist Awards in South Africa over 25 years ago.

This year’s winners -- as with all their predecessors – are leaving their mark in their disciplines in the South African and the international arenas.

Standard Bank loves art

As we celebrate 149 years in banking we are reminded of our heritage and our involvement in heritage and art projects here in South Africa. We are happy to be pioneers of lots of great projects, which include a project that demonstrates our love for culture and arts.

This project is done through a nationwide search for the cream of the crop in terms of artists from different areas through our Standard Bank Young artist awards. Every year we choose the best from a variety of different disciplines, including drama, music, jazz, visual arts and dance.

Joy of Jazz - Lady Porcupine Arts Journalism Workshop

Standard Bank Joy of Jazz - it's not only about the music!

Standard Bank Joy of Jazz is proud to announce the launch of a five-day practical workshop for women arts writers, The Lady Porcupine Arts Journalism Workshop, which takes place from 24 to 28 August in Newtown.

The workshop will be run by Gwen Ansell, music/jazz writer and journalism trainer, and guests include international media trainer Fiona Lloyd, poet Myesha Jenkins and historian of women in jazz Ceri Moelwyn-Hughes. There will also be opportunities to interact with Joy of Jazz festival role-players.

Arts & culture

Our commitment to South African and African arts and culture is wide-ranging. The main focus areas include:

The Standard Bank Gallery is one of the foremost art venues in Johannesburg and showcases a variety of South African, and international artists on an ongoing basis.


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