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“Young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising the banners of freedom.” ~ Nelson Mandela ~

In June we celebrated Youth month, commemorating Youth Day on 16 June; and this month, for Mandela Month, we are asked to dedicate 67 minutes to a good cause on Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July. In this spirit, we bring you a feature on a youth who has taken the sentiment quoted above and made it his reality. For Boitumelo Tsoai, Mandela's message related to possible unemployment, and the quest for economic freedom.

Standard Bank takes Top Honours at The SAGEA Employer Awards 2015

The Standard Bank Young Talent Team is celebrating their recent successes at The SAGEA Employer Awards 2015. Being voted the employer of choice in the Commercial & Retail Banking sector and second runner up in the Investment Banking sector is a true testament to the commitment that the Standard Bank puts into sourcing and developing South Africa’s top graduates. A complete list of accolades include:

· Voted number 1 in the Retail and Commercial Banking Employer of Choice category

· Voted number 3 in the Investment Banking Employer of Choice category

Today's Talent-Tomorrow's Leaders

Meet Michael Ngugi Ngarachu – CIB Investment Banking Graduate Programme

Michael is a recent graduate from The University of Witwatersrand where he studied a BCom Honours in Finance and Investments. During his “spare time” at university he also managed to start his own successful business called Students360. This passion for innovation and drive for success made him the perfect candidate to join the Investment Banking Graduate Programme in Africa’s most innovative Investment Bank. We asked Michael why he is excited to be part of this programme:

You Get What You Give

The Standard Bank Graduate Global Induction 2015 ended on a soul fulfilling note. The Graduate Team joined forces with the Community Advancement Programme (CAP) Committee made up of legacy graduates for a grand finale Community Service Initiative (CSI) day. The CAP committee was founded by Standard Bank graduates with the objective of standing together and making a difference to communities and organisations in need.

Standard Bank - Good move

Trishanta Srikissoon made a good move when she joined the PBB Risk Programme in February 2014. Read her story to find out more:

"Friday the 13th is known as a day of bad luck where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. But for me, it was a day of good luck!

What gets you up in the morning?

The world of work is changing, according to the New York Times bestselling author Dan Pink. Pink, described as one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world believes the way in which we tap into motivation in the business world has gone horribly awry.

Why did Wall Street crash? The personality bias in financial services organisations

In response to global financial crisis, countless theories have been raised as to why risk management systems failed, and leaders were allowed to follow a course of action that had such far-reaching consequences. One of the most interesting theories comes from Wall Street lawyer and author Susan Cain who argues that the answer lies in the dominant personality type that exists within modern organisations.

Tracking the journey of one of Standard Bank's first grads

Standard Bank will be hosting students from all over the country this week for the annual Graduate Programme Assessment Centre. The 18th group of graduates will be selected at the Global Leadership Centre and will join the bank's talent pipeline in February 2014. The first programme was started by the Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) in 1997. We caught up with Shannon Redman who was part of the "Class of 1997" to found out about her journey from graduate to executive.

1. What attracted you to the Standard Bank Graduate Programme in 1997?

Grads ‘spring’ into action for the Standard Bank CIB IT Challenge Finals

‘Some bumbling idiots trying to code’, made up Graham Manuell, Gwylim Ashley, Jacobus van der Merwe, and Shu-Yu Hsu did more than just ‘try code’, they took top honours in the Standard Bank IT Challenge Finals, in a time of 10h39m. The competition was fierce and the UCT team was followed closely by Stellenbosch who completed all seven questions in a time of 11h29m.

Passion and opportunity turns graduates into leaders

Bryan Antolik (BA, LLB, LLM, MSc Finance, CFA) joined the CIB graduate programme in 2000 and was recently promoted to execuitve level in the Group Corporate Development team. Below he illisutrates the importance of passion and culture in long term success.

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