#HealthIsWealth: What you need to know about Cholera. Plus, tips to stay safe

In the past few weeks, there have been reports of a cholera outbreak in Nigeria. This outbreak has been reported to have caused the death toll of up to 80 people in states such as Zamfara, Sokoto, Plateau and Lagos with more than 74 deaths recorded across the rest of the country.

To protect yourself from the disease, we explain what cholera is and how to ensure you are safe from it.

Developing a financial plan for a small business

While a business plan defines what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it, your financial plan is a complete financial picture of your company, including planned income, estimated balance sheet, and cash-flow projections. Read our simple guide to a business plan here http://bit.ly/18RnECP

Small businesses should take the time to do a financial plan at least annually. The plan helps the business owner to better manage cash flow by preparing for situations that could result in cash shortages, such as seasonal fluctuations in revenues.

A simple guide to writing a business plan

A good business plan defines what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. It should contain your analysis of the operating environment, marketing & sales plans, resource plan, risk management plan and financial projections (usually balance sheet, income statement and cash flow forecasts).

If you intend to access finance or credit for suppliers, you will need a good business plan.

Here are key questions to consider when writing a business plan:
• What service/product does your business provide and what need does it fill?

Happy Independence day, Nigeria!

As we celebrate our Independence Day on 1st of October, 2013, we want to share with you a few short stories from Nigerians who were around during the Independence Day in 1960.

The stories will feature where they were at the time, what happened during the day Nigeria gained Independence, how they felt and their hopes about the future of Nigeria.

Happy Independence day, Nigeria!

Olu Jacobs - Ace actor, veteran dramatist and Nollywood legend

How to stay safe when shopping online

*We offer some handy tips on safety while shopping online.*

Shopping online has many benefits that you don’t find in the market or in the next-door store. Online stores are open 24/7, so you can research your purchases thoroughly, and you can compare prices from store to store without leaving your comfort zone.

There are no queues, there is lots of choice, and often great low prices. Some stores even offer special deals on shipping and kind return policies to make everything even easier for you.

But you can also lose money.

Getting Your Finances Back On Track After The Holidays

Summer break is so much fun especially when you are somewhere far from home with your family and friends. But overspending and vacations always seem to go hand in hand. It can be very difficult to stay within your budget during the holidays, and many people end up being flat broke or getting into debt.

To avoid financial panic when you return from your vacation, we offer some easy steps to follow:

Net worth versus net income

By definition, your net worth is the value of your personal assets, (cash and personal possessions) minus all liabilities or debt. Therefore the amount by which your assets exceed your liabilities is considered your net worth.

On the other hand, your net income is what you earn (usually a salary) minus deductions including taxes and pension.

Let us work out Ifeanyi and Susan’s net worth: they are both 24 years old.

Practical money-saving tips for your household

Going green when it comes to your household spending is almost certainly one of the best ways to save money. The following ways to go green are among the first and most impactful steps you can take toward sustainable living and significant savings.

Update your appliances

Nimi's Standard: Manage your holiday finances in 6 easy steps

The holidays are here. Are you one of those that are fortunate enough to be able to get away from the stresses and strains of work and routine home life? Many people will be heading home to spend time with friends and family whilst others will be heading for other destinations to enjoy their break. With all the excitement of deciding where to go and what to do, it is so easy to overspend. Here are a few tips for managing your holiday finances and still have lots of fun.

1. Plan ahead

Financial tips on buying a new car

Whether you are planning to buy your first car or your current car is already a few years old and you are thinking about a new one, you should know that buying a car can be very overwhelming.

Let’s face it, we all just want to get it done rather than spend time weighing all the options. To guide you through the process of buying a car, here are a few tips:

Identify your kind of car

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