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Running 21 Km to Go Back to School

Meet Wyson at the “Be More Race”

Wyson Jere, a house help in Lilongwe will be joining the Standard Bank sponsored “Be More” Marathon slated for July 30, 2017.
Born on June 2, 1995 in T/A Chigaru Blantyre, Wyson has always nurtured a dream to become a professional athlete.

He dropped out of school due to lack of tuition fees. He then left Blantyre in search of work to earn an income needed to support his family back home. Wyson also continues to pursue his dream of becoming a professional track man and body builder.
Racing in the “Be More” marathon is a part of Wyson’s quest to raise funds to go back to school.

“Win or lose, I am still chasing my dream to raise funds to go back to school, and join the Malawi Defense Force as a soldier later,” says Wyson, who dropped out in Form 1.
In Lilongwe, he has found a supportive employer Isabel Kumwembe who doubles up as his athletics manager.

“After observing his fighting spirit, I decided to help empower him so that he does not remain a house helper for the rest of his life. I believe in the concept of helping one learn how to fish, as opposed to just giving one fish, and hence have spent a lot of time observing and discovering what Wyson’s passions and talents are,” said Kumwembe.
Wyson has been training hard every day in preparation for the July 30 race. For Wyson, participating in the “Be More” race is more than a personal fight. “I want to raise awareness about the plight of many others in similar situations like me. I have a dream; one day, I hope to run at the Olympics,” he says.

Standard Bank says they would like to turn the “Be More” race into an annual signature event to raise funds for education and health.
The sponsorship of the ‘Be More’ race underscores Standard Bank’s passion in taking the lead to create meaningful engagement for customers and other stakeholders. The theme “Be More” describes how far the bankers are willing to go to demonstrate that they can do more than banking and impact positive change and move lives forward within their community.
Over time, “Be More” race aims to become a leading, authentic endurance signature event on the race calendar in Malawi to be subscribed annually by diverse interest groups.

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