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Meet “Play Centre” at Be More Race

Esther Kawale who owns Lilongwe Play Centre, the first kids play and amusement place in Lilongwe will be running at the Be More race on Sunday.
Kawale says she has joined the “Be More” race as a continuation of her fitness journey which started in 2016 after realizing that she needed to lose weight and stay healthy.
“I strongly believe that what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you. I have been walking since 2016 and now I want to move on to a race and challenge myself to achieve a different target,” she says.
Kawale says her fitness journey started with a 5 km walk every evening after work. Over time, she increased her distance to 7 km and 15 km on weekends.
“I started by walking 5km each evening after work, and after some months the 5km became too short and I increased the distance to 7km, Mondays to Fridays, then later I added Saturdays walking 15km with friends. This became a habit and it was 6 days a week of walking,” recalls Kawale.
Her next target is to achieve more and complete a distance of 7 km in 45 minutes.
“Over time, I have managed to jog the whole 7km and currently I am able to complete the same distance in 50 minutes. My target is to finish the same distance in 45 minutes,” said Kawale.
Kawale said is looking forward to the run the 10km distance in the Be more race on the 30th July.
Says Kawale of the benefits of staying fit; “Fitness gives you self-confidence; if you want to increase your self-confidence, be fit!”

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