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5 Inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

5 Inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and there is no need for you to stress. We all know things are tough financially, so taking the love of your life on a sunset helicopter ride might not be an option right now.

Here are some inexpensive gift ideas to give to the love of your life this Valentine’s:

1. Message in a bottle-Write a special note about how you feel for your loved one and put it in a bottle. This can be cherished for years to come.

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Managing financial stress this holiday season and in the long term

The current economic situation exerts a lot of financial stress on all of us. Managing the stress that comes from the financial and economic pressures of such an environment requires taking an honest inventory of your current income and expenses coupled with other factors. The holiday season makes it worse because it always looks like you are the only one with no money to spend.

Signs that you have financial stress:
• Constantly spending more than you are making
• You are living from paycheck to paycheck
• You have a lot of debt
• You are always feeling financially overwhelmed.

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Financial advice I wish my parents had taught me when I was growing up

My parents are African and they taught me a lot of things that I appreciate now that I’m grown up. This includes things like; how to be respectful to elders, how to carry myself as a young woman etc. In the same regard i have come to realise they never gave me any financial advice and now Im aware not a lot of our parents at the time ever gave us financial advice. Most of my financial education came through life’s tough lessons, reading books and through exposure.

Lessons about money and savings need at an early age. The lessons include lessons on spending, investing and saving money:

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Stanbic Bank sponsors Stragglers Junior Cricket Week

More than 300 Under 12 cricket players will converge at Hartmann House and St George’s College in Harare for a week-long junior cricket development programme being sponsored by leading financial services institution, Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe.

Stragglers Junior Cricket, is an annual event which has been in existence since the late 60’s. This year it runs from Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August.

Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe started sponsoring Stragglers Junior Cricket week in 2006 and has been at the forefront of sponsoring it to date.

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Stanbic Bank Donates to an orphanage in New Tafara

Stanbic Bank was honored to participate in the Nelson Mandela Day commemorations on 18 July 2016 in partnership with South Africa Embassy marking the ICON’s birthday based on the values and commitment he made to improve Humanity and Mankind and particularly children from whom future leadership would emerge.

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